The Best Kitchen Cabinet Colors For 2023

Are you choosing a kitchen cabinet color for 2023? Here are some of our favorite cabinet choices!

Your kitchen cabinets are one of the most important and expensive parts of your kitchen remodel. It can be hard to know what will work best in the style of your home, what will work best for your family and what will stand the test of time. While we aren’t ones to hang too tightly to kitchen trends (and we still love kitchen cabinet colors for 2022), there are some really fun options for kitchen cabinet colors in 2023. We’ve tried to round up our favorites that we think will be just as stylish now as in 10 years.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you choose the right cabinet.

  • Budget: How much is your total kitchen remodel budget? And how much do you have for cabinets? Cabinet prices range widely, so this will be an important part of the decision making process.
  • Lifestyle: What type of cabinet will work best for your family right now? Cabinets vary in durability and practicality. Be realistic about your lifestyle and about what’s practical for your stage of life.
  • Home Age and Style: Take the age and style of your home into consideration. A farmhouse kitchen will be out of place in a mid century home, choose a kitchen design that will work with your home.

After you have an idea about the type of cabinets you want to go with, you can start thinking about kitchen cabinet color. Here are some of our very favorite kitchen cabinets for 2023!

Kitchen Cabinet colors for 2023

Sage Green Kitchen Cabinets

One of the best kitchen cabinet colors for 2023 is sage green kitchen cabinets. Green cabinets have become a classic choice for any kitchen design. The soft tone plays well with white, wood, charcoal or really any neutral. You can go all in with a full sage kitchen, or balance it out with white kitchen cabinets on top. Use black or metallic finishes to make the whole room pop!

Sage Green Cabinets


Espresso Kitchen Cabinets

Espresso kitchen cabinets look great in most styles of kitchens, but especially beautiful in a modern kitchen design. There are warm tones and cooler tones to choose from, making this an excellent choice for your modern kitchen remodel!


Cream Kitchen Cabinets

If you love a light and bright kitchen but you’re sick of white, cream kitchen cabinets are an excellent choice. Cream is warmer than white, instead of crisp and bright you get rich and luxurious. It’s a calming and inviting style that helps you create a cozy space. Gold or brass finishes and light fixtures work particularly well with cream cabinets.

cream kitchen


Walnut Kitchen Cabinets

For a more natural look, why not go for a natural wood like walnut? Walnut kitchen cabinets bring warmth and a timelessness to any kitchen. Walnut is pretty versatile, but it does pop especially well with a white countertop and backsplash. Use the same stain for open shelves like pictured below.

Walnut kitchen


Navy Blue Cabinets

Navy blue kitchen cabinets are a bold choice for sure, but there is also a classic look to a dark blue kitchen that makes this trend worth considering. When creating your navy blue kitchen, think about the lighting in your space. Kitchens with big windows, french doors or skylights work incredibly well for this trend. You can also brighten up your space with a light backsplash and countertop. Choose a polished brass cabinet pull and lighting to make a statement.

Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Photography by Nicole Franzen

White Oak Cabinets

Another amazing kitchen cabinet color for 2023 is white oak. White oak cabinets are versatile, warm and are a great neutral for the other style elements you have in your kitchen. They work really well in a two-tone kitchen, your white oak cabinets will be a perfect complement to white cabinets, cream cabinets or dark cabinets.

white oak kitchen cabinets


Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Black kitchen cabinets might not be for everyone, but in the right home, they are a beautiful choice. You definitely want to add contrast to your dark kitchen cabinets with a lighter countertop and backsplash. Wood details also play well and you can’t go wrong with gold knobs and cabinet pulls to add some glamour to the mix.

black kitchen cabinets


Two Tone Kitchens

Two tone kitchens are all over right now and for good reason. They are stylish and work in so many different spaces and styles. Two tone cabinets in kitchen add a contemporary touch to your design and help a small space feel much larger. Whether you choose two tone kitchen cabinets and island or two pops of color interspersed throughout the kitchen, a two tone kitchen will always make a statement.


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