The ultimate guide to Quartz Countertops!

When purchasing a Quartz countertop, there are so many things to consider. You might be confused about which color to choose or the design that best suits your space, but it’s also important to think about how much a quartz countertop costs and how it fits into your overall kitchen budget.

If you’re wondering what the price ranges of quartz countertops are and how they compare to other countertops, you are in the right place. In this article, you’ll discover how much quartz countertops cost and everything you must know about quartz countertop before making your purchase.

Let’s get into it.

how much do quartz countertops cost?

What are quartz countertops?

Before we get to the price of quartz countertops, it’s important to know what quartz is! Quartz countertops are manufactured stone countertops made from quartz and other materials. They are created using crushed natural quartz combined with pigments, resin, and polymers; as a result, they look like natural stone countertops with flecks.

However, unlike natural stone countertops, quartz countertops are leak-proof, scratch and stain-resistant. Since they’ve been polished during manufacturing, you don’t have to seal or reseal them. Being stain-resistant also means they are easy to maintain.

You can use quartz countertops for several purposes in your kitchen — from cleaning to prepping, cutting, mixing pots and pans, dishing meals, and storing kitchen utensils and appliances.

Generally, quartz countertops are polished and aesthetically pleasing. They come in various colors, patterns, and textures, so you can choose the color that best matches your kitchen decor when making your purchase.

quartz countertop guide

How much do quartz countertops cost?

Quartz countertops prices depend on various factors, including the slab’s size, the size of the kitchen, and quartz quality. Other factors influencing quartz countertop prices include colors, style, and add-ons.

However, Home Advisor estimates the average cost of a quartz countertop to range between $3,000 and $7,500. In addition, the price of quartz countertops and installation per square foot price ranges between $50 to $200, while the average price is about $75 per square foot.

The lowest quartz countertop prices (which often will have discolorations and veins) are about $55 to $65 per square foot. Mid-quality quartz countertops cost between $65 to $75, and high-quality quartz price per square foot is between $75 to $200.

Also, quartz countertops installation costs vary based on material costs and labor. For example, the average labor cost per square foot is between $10 and $35. However, remember that the quartz countertop’s material cost and additional features can influence these prices.

There is no specific factor that determines a quartz countertop’s cost; it all boils down to the quality, size, and additional features you include. However, while it’s good to go for quartz countertops that best fit your budget, it’s best not to make choices that compromise quality. The better the quality, the higher its durability, providing cost-effective benefits in the long run.

Please keep in mind the area you live in will also play a factor in the cost. These figures are meant to be an estimate, contact your quartz countertop provider for more accurate information. 

quartz countertops cost

Pros and Cons of Quartz

Quartz offers numerous perks, including durability, stain resistance, and aesthetics.

Durability: Quartz is among the strongest natural materials, making them durable for long-lasting purposes. As a non-porous material, quartz doesn’t absorb liquid, preventing substances that may weaken its strength. So, consider quartz countertops if you want a countertop less susceptible to stains, scratches, or chips.

Stain resistant: Many countertops from different materials like granite and marbles often get discolored and fade. However, this doesn’t happen with quartz countertops. Quartz is non-porous, so it can’t absorb liquid or stains that cause discolorations and fades. This also makes them low-maintenance, letting you clean and preserve them easily for long-lasting use.

Aesthetics: Quartz has a polished and beautiful outlook, making its countertops natural aesthetics for your kitchen. They can be manufactured in unlimited designs and colors with pigments, flecks, and other materials. As a result, you have multiple options to choose from.

Although quartz countertops offer major benefits, they also have some downsides. These include:

Price: Quartz’s durability, easy maintenance, and appearance come at a price. Besides, the cost of a quartz countertop is influenced by various factors, including quality, style, design, etc. So, quartz countertops may be pricey for you if you are on a tight budget.

Heat damage: Quartz is heat-resistant. However, quartz countertops are not heat resistant because they are made from materials besides quartz, like polymers and resin that can melt. So, placing hot cookware on quartz countertops can damage the polymers and resins, causing discolorations, white spottings, cloudiness, etc.

Quartz’s pros outweigh its cons. However, it’s best to keep its downsides in mind to take necessary precautions for a lasting experience with your quartz countertop.

A guide to quartz countertops

Quartz Countertops vs. Granite Countertops

Quartz is a stronger mineral than granite. Also, granite absorbs liquids and stains, while quartz does not. Therefore, while granite countertops must be sealed regularly, quartz countertops don’t need to be sealed, making them maintenance-free.

Quartz countertops offer variety; they can be manufactured into different designs and styles, but granite countertops come in limited options.

Quartz Countertops vs. Marble Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are susceptible to stains and scratches, but quartz countertops are not. Marble countertops also require regular maintenance through frequent sealing and polishing. However, you don’t need to seal and polish quartz countertops.

Quartz Countertops vs. Quartzite Countertops

While quartz is manufactured, quartzite is a natural stone. Quartz countertops are manufactured with similar quartz crystals as quartzite; it undergoes a natural process that combines crystals with pigments, resins, and other materials. Contrarily, quartz countertops start with sandstone but undergo a natural process of heat and pressure to produce the quartz crystals that form quartzite.

How are quartz countertops installed?

Below is a step-by-step process for installing quartz countertops successfully:

  • Get the most suitable countertop for your space by considering quartz slab price, style, and pattern
  • Prep your space to facilitate the installation process
  • Fit the quartz slab on the installation location and ensure it fits the space without leaving any loopholes ( you may need the assistance of a contractor to do this)
  • Mark accurate cut lines on the quartz slab and fit it into the countertop
  • Protect the top edges of the cabinet with tapes
  • Work silicone adhesives around the cabinet corners.
  • Remove tape
  • Seal all visible joints
  • Quartz countertops options

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