10 Unique Waterfall Countertop Ideas for Your Kitchen

If you want to make your kitchen remodel or design feel more luxurious, a waterfall countertop is a great choice. We are seeing more and more waterfall island designs, and we are loving it! As waterfall islands grow in popularity though, we thought it would be good to look at some unique kitchen island ideas to give your kitchen a totally personalized look.

What are waterfall countertops?

A waterfall countertop drops down to the floor on the sides of the kitchen island, instead of just covering the top of the countertop. The look is seamless and feels very streamlined. The cool thing about a waterfall island is that you can really customize it to your style and design. You can choose a luxe marble, quartz or a more affordable butcher block, the options are endless.

A waterfall countertop makes a statement in any kitchen, it really becomes the centerpiece of the design so there are a few things you want to think about.

  1. Be mindful of your finishes. It’s ok to go with a budget option, but you will want to make sure whatever you choose is high quality and installed perfectly. You will be able to see all the mistakes so make sure seams line up and that it’s a beautiful finish.
  2. Make sure the look coordinates with the color scheme of your design. Some people opt for a splash of color and the look can be truly breathtaking, but it is important it matches and complements the overall design.
  3. Be intentional in the storage layout for your waterfall kitchen island. A kitchen island needs to be as functional as it is stylish, so work with your cabinet maker to design storage solutions and create it to dimensions that work with the cabinets you’re getting.

Here are 10 gorgeous waterfall countertop ideas!

10 Unique Waterfall Countertop Ideas

White and Wood

This stunning waterfall countertop is a great showcase of how to use a waterfall island to make a statement. The wood coordinates with the ceiling beams, sage green cabinets and gorgeous white countertops.

waterfall countertop

Design and Photo from Grand Tradition Homes

Bold Stone Waterfall Countertop

Go bold or go home right? If you’re going to invest in a high quality natural stone, why not let her really shine in a waterfall edge island countertop like the one pictured here???

waterfall edge countertop


Wood Waterfall Countertop

This alder wood waterfall edge kitchen island shows you that you don’t have to have a stone in your island, wood works just fine! We love how it is expertly coordinated with the stainless steal finishes and cream cabinets.

wood waterfall countertop

Photo & Design

Contemporary & Simple

If you’re on a budget, the clean and sophisticated look of this simple white waterfall countertop would do just fine. You could go with a budget countertop like formica and still get the luxe look of the waterfall.

Photo & Design

Floating Shelf Waterfall Island

For a completely unique waterfall island design, this kitchen features a floating wood shelf for even more convenience. The rustic and rough wood is a perfect juxtaposition with the modern cabinets, lighting and accessories.

Photo & Design

Pop of Color Waterfall Kitchen Island

When you want to invite some color into your kitchen design, your waterfall island is a great place to do it. We love the gorgeous blue cabinetry pictured here!

Photo & Design

Butcher Block Waterfall Countertop

If you’re on a budget but you still want the waterfall island look, then why not choose an affordable material like butcher block? The warm tones are a perfect complement to a white kitchen!

Image found here

Double Kitchen Island

Are you choosing to have two kitchen islands? Make one of them a waterfall for an elevated look. It could be used as a table or serving area and the other island will be used for more functional tasks. The tones and mixture of finishes in this kitchen is so beautiful!

Photo HD2020

French Country Waterfall Countertop

An absolutely gorgeous Monsoon Wave soapstone countertop paired with white cabinets and french windows, this kitchen is simply dreamy!

Photo & Design

Modern Farmhouse Waterfall Countertop

This beautiful modern farmhouse inspired kitchen takes two-tone cabinets, subway tile, high ceilings and gorgeous natural stone countertops and makes it all work. Not an easy task, but they are definitely pulling it off!

Farmhouse Waterfall countertop kitchen

Photo & Design

Will you try a waterfall kitchen island in your remodel or kitchen layout?

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