15 Stunning Dark Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Dark grey kitchen cabinets are versatile and stylish and have earned their place as a new neutral when it comes to kitchen design. They also make a modern alternative to the all-white kitchen.

Gray cabinets look great with a modern front and a sleek finish, and look just as well in a more traditional shaker style. When we say the options are endless, we mean it! As you plan your kitchen renovation or makeover, we think gray cabinets are a perfect update to any traditional design. They play neutral while still being stylish and contemporary. Bonus: They stay much cleaner than white cabinets!

Here are 15 gorgeous ways to use grey kitchen cabinets!

Dark Grey kitchen cabinet ideas

All Grey Cabinets

You can’t go wrong by keeping it simple with an all grey kitchen. We love the light subway tile backsplash, and don’t the brass finishes pop against the charcoal color?!

Dark Grey Kitchen Cabinets

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Gray & Wood Kitchen

For a classic farmhouse look, we love this cottage style kitchen pairing dark gray cabinets with the warm wood tones found in the floors, ceiling and alternate cabinets. The bright white paint and countertops make this kitchen feel light and clean.

dark gray and wood kitchenPhoto

Traditional Dark Grey Cabinets

From the lattice windows and rolling ladder to the beautiful wood beams, this traditional style kitchen (which was originally a library!) is a great example of how to incorporate dark gray cabinets into a traditional style kitchen. The light fixtures and art work add a modern touch to this classic space.

Charcoal and Gold

We are loving the mix of countertops and patterns in this chic kitchen. The gray cabinets pop with the gold hardware, and the wood countertop adds a richness to the design. We are also loving the hex ceramic tile flooring.

dark grey cabinets


Gray Stained Cabinets

For a rustic or farmhouse kitchen, gray stained cabinets can be a perfect choice. The dark color of the cabinets keeps the look contemporary with a nod to the past. Pair it with a patterned backsplash and statement lighting to complete the look!


White & Dark Gray Cabinets

If you’re not quite ready to go all-gray, the two toned kitchen is for you. You could do a bright white on top and a dark gray on bottom. We love the pops of black in this kitchen and the wood stove hood!

white and gray cabinets


Gray & Gold Cabinets

Loving these chic modern grey cabinets. The gold accents and marble backsplash and counters give this kitchen an ultra luxe feel. This would be perfect for a loft or studio space.

Modern Gray Cabinets

Grey Kitchen Island

A gray kitchen island adds contrast and dimension to your white kitchen design. This two-tone effect is complemented by wood beams and gold accents.

gray kitchen island


Gray Cabinets & Marble

The right tone of gray and the right veining in marble can be an absolutely perfect match. Marble elevates any kitchen and using it in this quantity elevates the look even more. We also love the way the light fixtures bring this space together.

gray kitchen


Two-Tone Gray

If there are 50 shades of gray, why not match two of them? We love this two-toned gray kitchen using a light shade of gray and a deep charcoal color.

two tone gray cabinets

Gray All Over

Sometimes the best design is to just go all in, like this kitchen with one color ALL over. We love the shades of gray in this kitchen and the solid gray walls.


Modern and Sleek Gray Cabinets

Modern flat panel cabinets with a charcoal gray countertop and walnut finishes is a contemporary take on the standard streamlined kitchen. The bright floor to ceiling windows brighten the space and make it feel large and connected with the outdoors.

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Traditional Gray Kitchen

The blue undertones in these gray cabinets are rich and perfectly accented with the white tile. The wicker light fixtures, open shelving and quartz countertops give this traditional design a modern touch.

traditional gray kitchen


Mix and Match

White, gray and wood with a gray tile backsplash?! We think yes! It just goes to show that there are not any hard and fast rules when it comes to kitchen design, it’s about tones, shapes and finding a layout that you love!


Moody Kitchen

Dark charcoal gray cabinets give this traditional kitchen a moody and luxe look. We love the brass finishes and the textured backsplash. This look is perfect for a renovated farmhouse.

Would you ever do dark grey cabinets in your kitchen design? Which design is you favorite?

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