10 Stylish Walnut Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Your guide to walnut kitchen cabinets!

Walnut kitchen cabinets have come on the kitchen design scene in a big way this year!.

As we see all-white and gray kitchens take a backseat in kitchen trends, wood kitchens are making their way into many modern designs, and contemporary walnut kitchen cabinets are one of the best woods around!

Dark walnut classic kitchen cabinets are nothing new, however, they have been used in kitchen designs for decades. Their versatility, durability and overall style recommend them to anyone looking for a solid and contemporary cabinet solution. We also love that walnut comes in so many variations, from light brown to dark walnut cabinets and light walnut, the options are seriously endless. The variety of patterns on walnut cabinet doors have a truly unique look that is hard to replicate with any other wood choice.

So whether you’re designing a modern farmhouse kitchen or an ultra modern space, we recommend considering a walnut kitchen for a stunningly rich and luxe look!

Here are a few walnut cabinet ideas!

Walnut Kitchen Cabinet

Dark Walnut Classic Kitchen Cabinets

Of all the walnut cabinet kitchens, this one might be our favorite! This kitchen mixes timeless details like subway tile and natural stone countertops and modern touches like the two-tone white and walnut cabinets perfectly. The natural light is pretty dreamy too!

Walnut kitchen


It’s pretty hard to beat the rich and warm tones of dark walnut classic kitchen cabinets, especially paired with the crisp white details in this stunning kitchen design by Sam Sacks.

walnut kitchen cabinets


Mid Century Walnut Cabinets

If you love mid century modern design, then walnut is a fabulous choice. The tones of the wood and sleek style pair great with any mid century kitchen design.

walnut kitchen

Photo and Design

Walnut Kitchen Island

To add a nice contrast to your bright kitchen, why not include a walnut kitchen island? The warmth of the wood really pops in this design which is carried through to the open shelves and tone of the brass accents.

Walnut kitchen island


Contemporary Walnut Kitchen Cabinets with Marble Countertops

Walnut and marble is a combination made in heaven. The wall of floor to ceiling walnut cabinets perfectly offsets the busy natural veining of the marble design.

Walnut and Marble Kitchen


Natural Walnut Cabinets

White and walnut kitchens are trending, and we couldn’t be happier. The crisp modern white cabinets are elegantly paired with the rich warm tones of walnut. This can work for any style kitchen!

Walnut Kitchen


Traditional Walnut Cabinets

While walnut cabinets do tend to show up more in modern kitchens, they also work really well with a more traditional kitchen design. The silver handles and shaker style cabinets look perfect with the warm walnut tones.


Simple Walnut Cabinets

Sometimes it’s best to let the natural beauty of the wood be the star of the show. We love these simple and modern flat front cabinets paired with the simplicity of open shelves and natural stone countertops.

Walnut Kitchen Cabinets

Naked Countertops

Black and Walnut

Black or charcoal cabinets can complement a walnut cabinet design beautifully. We love the design here paired with the modern light fixture and matte quality of the black cabinets.

black and walnut kitchen

Photo and Design\

Mixed Finishes

There are so many beautiful contrasts in this modern kitchen featuring shiny white cabinets and a rich walnut cabinet. The backsplash is the icing on the cake of this unique kitchen design!

walnut and white kitchen


There you have it, 10 stunning ways to incorporate walnut cabinets into your kitchen design. Would you consider walnut cabinets? Which one is your favorite?

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