Top 10 Kitchen Backsplash Trends 2022

What are the top kitchen backsplash trends for 2022? We’ve made the ultimate list!

Choosing a kitchen backsplash can be one of the most important parts of your kitchen renovation. There a million options out there and the backsplash is a foundational part of your overall design. So before any choices are made we recommend having a clear idea about what style you want your kitchen makeover to be. If you want a modern kitchen than choosing a backsplash with clean lines is the way to go, if you love the modern farmhouse look than choosing a more rustic design will give you the look you like.

With all the choices in kitchen backsplashes it can be helpful to know what is actually trending in kitchen design. Trends come and go, but they can be great inspiration for designing a contemporary and stylish kitchen, so here are the top backsplash trends for 2022!

backsplash trends 2022

Subway Tile to The Ceiling

Subway tile has been on-trend for so long now that it’s a classic. There is something about its simplicity and versatility that make it a fabulous choice for many different kitchen design styles. From modern to classic, subway tile is still in! But this year people are taking their tile all the way up to the ceiling. The affect makes your room look bigger and gives a new take on a classic.

subway tile to the ceiling


Checkerboard Backsplash

A checkerboard backsplash is not subtle per-se, but for the right kitchen design it can add whimsey and drama. The contrast and texture of a checkerboard backsplash can be enhanced with neutral cabinets, floors and decor choices. You can opt for high contrasting colors like black and white or a softer look with light gray and white (pictured here).

Photo via Veranda

Moroccan Tile Backsplash

Nothing adds dimension and texture to your kitchen design like a pattered tile. We especially Moroccan and mosaic tiles in a kitchen. Complement your patterned tile with warm woods, neutrals and pops of color found in the tiles.

tile backsplash ideas


Glossy Tile

Choosing a high gloss finish to your backsplash tiles can be an instant update for classic backsplashes like subway tiles. The glossy finish come comes in different shapes and can be take all the way to the ceiling for an extra polished look. High gloss tiles are versatile and can be at home in a variety of design styles, but work exceptionally well in modern farmhouse kitchens and all-white kitchens.

Glossy Kitchen Backsplash

Marble Backsplash

One of the top trends for 2022 is having a matching backsplash and countertop, and nothing is more perfect for that than marble! Marble is an elegant and classic look that never dates, so why not use it as a backsplash too?? To create dimension you can use marble mosaic tiles or for a more clean look, a slab of marble looks incredible. This marble backsplash is a total statement piece in the design!

Marble Slab Backsplash

Photo via  © Nick Hayes Constructions

Wallpaper Backsplash

Many people think they need to avoid wallpaper in the kitchen because it might get dirty or start to smell, but wallpaper has come a long way! You can find many wallpaper options that are vinyl and have a barrier against moisture, there are also some that are washable for easier cleaning. We love the way a patterned or floral wallpaper makes a design come alive!

wallpaper in kitchen

Via via Country Living

Window Backsplash

Let the light in with a window backsplash! We all want more natural light in our homes but when it comes to a kitchen, every inch is important and accounted for. Most of the space has to be used for cabinets, appliances and storage; but with a window backsplash you can get all the light without wasting your valuable square footage. The look is bright and beautiful!

Window Backsplash

Photo: Architect Prineas via Apartment Therapy

Solid Color Backsplash

Green kitchens are in for 2022, and going with a solid green backsplash seems like a natural choice. This Hunter Green backsplash from Fireclay Tile looks amazing in this all green kitchen. This look will work for a variety of styles and kitchen designs.


Focal Point Backsplash

Create a focal point in your kitchen with a bold tile pattern in one area of the design. The stove, sink area or bar would be ideal places to create this look and high contrasting colors like black and white really stand out. Accentuate your statement tile with neutral patterns and finishes in the other areas of your kitchen.


Hex Tile Backsplash

Hex tile gives your classic ceramic backsplash an upgrade with a angular shape that pops even more with a dark grout color. Hex tiles can be almost any color and will be a versatile choice for most kitchen styles!

Hex Tiles

Photo: Adore Home

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