Average Cost of a Small Kitchen Remodel

Before a hammer is lifted, it’s important to know the average cost of a small kitchen remodel. This will help guide you as you plan your kitchen remodel cost so you won’t have any surprises. Ask anyone who has gone through construction or remodeling, nothing is worse than getting in the middle of a project and finding out you have to spend way more than you originally planned for!

Even though the kitchen design trends are the same for both big and small kitchens, the layout and functionality rules are not the same. You will be able to spend less on a small kitchen renovation, but you also have to think more strategically about your kitchen layout and organization. Investing in getting the design right is vital. You also have to think about quality over quantity, every cabinet and inch of countertop needs to be put to good use.

How much for a small kitchen remodel?

The answer can depend on a wide variety of variables. These include:

  • The age of your home
  • The quality of the wiring in your kitchen
  • If you’re taking out walls
  • If you’re replacing appliances
  • If you’re keeping your current kitchen cabinets, flooring or countertops
  • If you are able to do some of the work yourself
  • Where you live

So in some ways it’s totally dependent on your specific circumstances, but as a guide the average cost of a small kitchen remodel in the United States is between $9,500 and $14,250, but this can go as high as $35,000. This is for kitchens in the 60-120 square footage range. As you can see the budget can vary widely, but the average for any kitchen remodel is approximately $150 per square foot, which can be a good guide as you plan your kitchen renovation budget. (Source.)

Things to Consider as You Determine the Cost of Your Small Kitchen Remodel

What can you afford?

It may seem backwards, but knowing what you can actually afford for your small kitchen reno is the best place to start as you create the budget. Whether you are getting financing or have been saving, If you have a figure in mind then you can work backwards and it will help you know what you can and cannot do with your kitchen design.

Find Your Priorities

The first step in knowing your new kitchen cost is deciding what your priorities are. What do you definitely want changed and what can you keep from your old kitchen? Once you know your priorities you can then decide how to allocate funds.

 What Can You Get Back Out of Your Kitchen Remodel

Most real estate experts say you should only invest as much money into your kitchen remodel as you hope to get out when you go to sell your home. Look at what homes are selling in your neighborhood and be sure that you don’t go over the cost with your remodel. Kitchens generally improve the equity of a home, but even if you do an amazing kitchen remodel your home will generally stay in the range of what the other homes in your neighborhood are going for.


Cabinets typically take up the bulk of your kitchen remodel budget, so it’s important to know if you need to replace them or if you can refinish them or get new doors. Cabinet costs vary widely, you can keep costs down with Ikea or big box store cabinets or you can go custom for a more luxe look. Most cabinet retailers and custom cabinet makers will come and view your space and then give you a quote and drawing of what you can expect. We recommend you get a quote early in your planning process so you can know how much of your overall budget the cabinets will eat up.

Are you going to DIY?

Labor and installation is the second biggest cost in your kitchen renovation budget. As you create your budget you should think through what you can do yourself and what you hope to hire out. Will you hire a contractor? Can you put in the flooring and cabinets? The more you do the more you will save, but this can also be a double edged sword. You can slow down the renovation significantly and having an expert to guide you can be invaluable if something comes up. With the supply chain issues, it’s also nice to have someone help you navigate the hurdles.


Similar to your cabinet choice, the cost of finishes in your small kitchen remodel can drastically change the cost. Things like countertops, cabinet pulls, flooring and backsplash can be done on a budget or at a luxe level. Spend some time researching what you like and how much it generally costs so you have an idea of cost.


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